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Since the first day of establishing E I L , our identity is clear that bridging the electronic technology world-wide and bringing different culture together through an energetic, innovative and loyal team.

E I L is growing at same direction but keep on refreshing our business contents to cope with the fast moving electronic market. Electronic and Information Technology application immerses to our daily life, the new wave of big data and Internet of Things (IoT) create vast of business opportunities to each market player along the supply chain, from components supply to product design, from total hardware and software solution to client application, E I L is equipping each team member to be professional enough to provide quality business services on electronic components, sensors, proficient engineering support, application solution and the customized logistics support to electronic product manufacturers and system integrators.

E I L is clearly positioned and committed to be one professional value-added supplier of high quality electronic components and sensors Application supplier, a Specialty on deployment of IoT for New Era of Technology World.

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As a professional distributor and solution provider, we work with our business partners at

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